PostOperative Diet

Your patient's taste buds may be the first thing to recover

The initial pain, shock and surprise of your patient's recovery may be inevitable, but nothing welcomes them back home like a delicious, nutritious meal waiting at the front door.

However successful the procedure you perform, the patient's physical reaction and emotional response can significantly effect the recovery process. That's why the proper mix of nutrients and food groups is so important at this stage. Not only to give the patient's body the recovery resources it needs, but to ease the patient's emotional adjustment. Few things can achieve the later like a delicious, welcoming, first meal at home.

The introduction of high fiber vegetables and solid proteins during the recovery process gives your patient's body the nutrient resources it needs to adjust, adapt and rebuild itself. Our delicious recipes and healthy cooking techniques provide a welcoming emotional boost.

Patients who lose their appetite during recovery can experience a sudden change of heart with presented with one of our delicious PostOperative Meals. The recipes for this diet are created with maximum aroma and taste appeal, with a heavy mix of high fiber vegetables like Roasted, Broiled or Steamed Asparagus, Artichoke, Jicama, Green Beans, Zucchini, Parsnips, Edamame, Peas, Legumes, Lentils (Green, Yellow and Brown), Beans (Garbanzo, Red and Black). Also included are high fiber cooked grains like Oats, Rye and Peruvian Quinoa. Precise measures and weights of solid proteins form the basis of most of the meals, with Roasted Chicken Breast, Ground Turkey Breast (Meatballs) and firm-fleshed White Fish in savory sauces and stews.

Our ingredient list and preparation techniques are geared to the specific medication types and schedule you prescribe for the patient, and can be adjusted as recovery progresses.

PostOperative Diet - Key Features

  • Customized Meal Plan for each Patient
  • Meal Plans specific to the Patient's Recovery Program and Medication
  • General Health, Body Type, Weight and Gender specific
  • High Fiber Vegetables, Beans, Legumes and Fruits, Solid Proteins

Above: Steamed Farmer's Market Vegetables


I have been enjoying Culinary Par Excellence for over three years and love the meals, love the service, and love never having to prepare a nutritious lunch or dinner!!! Rossana"s dishes are always fresh and beautifully arranged; they are a work of art. I would recommend her service to anyone who cares about eating healthy, nutritious meals; especially those of us who are too busy to cook for ourselves!

Diane Naegele
Los Angeles, CA